What are software development companies quoting based on?

For APP development and small program development, the quotations of outsourcing companies also range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

So, what is the quotation based on by the software development company? Next, we analyze it from the following angles.

What are software development companies quoting based on?
Software development company quotation

The software development company’s quotation is mainly based on the following aspects:

1. Production cost

The so-called production is actually the process of determining requirements (products), design, R&D, testing, and operation and maintenance. The main costs involved in this life cycle include R&D labor costs, hardware costs, and third-party services.

In fact, the biggest investment in software technology is labor cost, which depends on product scale, maturity, regional economy, and the ability level of personnel.

We know that an excellent R&D team must have at least one project manager, one product manager, one UI designer, one Java background engineer, one IOS development engineer and one Android development engineer. There are also test engineers, operation and maintenance personnel, etc., and the monthly salary of these people is basically more than 10K.

Calculated, at least 100,000 yuan per month in fixed expenditures for personnel, excluding office and management costs. Generally speaking, an APP project lasts at least two months, and the personnel costs can be imagined.

2. Functional requirements of APP software

Without a clear and clear demand, there will be no reasonable price, and it will also cause disputes between the project party and the developer. The project party feels that what he spent money to develop is not what he wants.

No matter what type of APP development, its price is determined according to the functional requirements. The number of functions and the complexity of functions are the main factors that determine the price of an APP. Before developing APP, it is very necessary to establish clear product requirements.

3. APP software version

There are many APP versions, and now APP software development types are mainly divided into IOS development and Andriod development, because the mobile phones that people mainly use are Apple mobile phones and Android mobile phones, so generally, two versions are required to develop APP, and the development cost is of course relatively high. Taller.

4. Development cycle

The APP development cycle is long. For the same function, it is more difficult to implement the APP, and the amount of code required is much higher than that of the website development, so the development cycle becomes longer and the cost becomes higher.

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