Introduction to functional solutions for audio novel app development

Audio novel apps have become popular in recent years. In addition to listening to songs, people can also listen to audio books through mobile apps. This is a great gospel for many people who love audio novels. It can also liberate their eyes and not only It is not only aimed at young people but also middle-aged and elderly people. Listeners can switch the pronunciation of different types of people according to their own preferences. The functions developed by the audio novel app include sound classification, online listening and downloading, sound sharing, and online recording of personal sounds. Here the editor will introduce the functional solution for audio novel app development.

Introduction to functional solutions for audio novel app development
Audio novel APP

1. Sound classification: The sound classification of this audio novel app is bizarre. Users can come directly here to discover their own sections.

2. Audio reading: It is likely to be the next new way of reading, which changes the traditional reading way we used to obtain knowledge through books. This allows people to have plenty of time to study and enrich their inner world, and the audio novel app can do this.

3. Rich resources: They are all free. There are so many novels at home and abroad. Try to refine the categories so that users can find them immediately after searching, so as to retain users. However, we need to remind everyone that we must pay attention to copyright issues to avoid unnecessary trouble!

4. Sharing function: After users open each audio novel audio, they can share the sound they listen to with others. They can share it to Moments, WeChat friends, QQ friends, Weibo and other platforms. They can also directly copy the link and generate posters for them to listen to. Others can understand your inner monologue, and you can meet a close friend in the mountains and rivers.

5. Sound recording: Users can directly record sounds online and upload them to the audio novel app. After the uploaded recorded sounds pass review, they will be displayed on the platform for users to listen to. Sharing your favorite works with others reflects the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Of course, you can also upload the collected audio files and publish them to become your own personal radio station for listening to at any time.

6. Download novels: Users can play and listen online without any restrictions. All reviewed books and programs on the platform can be downloaded anytime and anywhere, and there are no restrictions on listening.

7. Interactive communication: Users can comment on any sound and interact with the anchor and listening friends. When you think something the anchor said is particularly good, the anchor and your friends who are listening can see it after commenting, which will trigger more people to participate in the discussion. Realizing the leap from books to people will enrich your own vision and establish a new perspective. values, outlook on life, and world view.

8. Private message communication: You can send a private message to any user on the app platform who has opened private message permissions. The message will only be received by the other party. Both parties can communicate privately, avoiding embarrassment in the discussion group and better protecting the public. User privacy.

9. Sleep mode: The sleep mode function has a memory function, which is very convenient. You can set the shutdown time, adjust the sound, and the intonation of the sound, which can help some users improve their sleep quality.

10. Personal center: On the audio novel app, there is a personal center section, where you can see the sounds you have downloaded, the sounds and radio stations you have collected, the anchors you follow, etc. You can also make personal settings and show the side you want to show. Come out, such as your ID, avatar, personalized signature, etc.

11. Search function: On this app, there is a search box where users can directly search for the listening sounds they want to find. It is very fast and convenient for users.

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