What roles does a complete APP team need

There are usually two ways to develop an app. One is to outsource the development tasks to a professional software development company, and the other is to build a development team by yourself. Different methods require different fees.

For early entrepreneurs, when resources are relatively limited, choosing outsourced development is a more realistic choice. On the one hand, it can save development costs, and on the other hand, it can also guarantee the development cycle.

What roles does a complete APP team need
APP team

How to choose an APP outsourcing team, and what kind of APP outsourcing team is more reliable?

Before solving this problem, we must understand what roles a complete APP team needs.

1. Product Manager

The product manager is the soul of an APP product. He controls the correct direction of the entire project and ensures the experience of human-computer interaction.

2. UI Design

As the saying goes, “A man depends on clothes and a horse depends on a saddle.” UI designers add visual aesthetics and convey corporate culture on the basis of product experience.

3. Technical Team

APP is a mobile Internet technology product, and technology is productivity. Senior developers are the guarantee of APP stability. An APP team includes three engineers: AD, IOS, and the background. There are also differences in development languages, and technical strength is a hard indicator.

4. Test Team

Many companies ignore the construction of this link, thinking it is a waste of resources, and Shandong Hippo APP thinks it is a big mistake. Testers are the key to ensure the fluency and visual quality of APP projects, and they are indispensable.

5. Operation staff

Operators are responsible for the long-term and effective update of APP content, proper marketing implantation, management of background data and interaction with users. This is the work of “APP product promotion enterprises”, and it is a crucial part.

To sum up, it is probably a necessary technical personnel for an APP team, and the first four items are the standard equipment for outsourcing teams. When you choose an APP development company, you must ensure that there are dedicated personnel. If a staff member is not only a product manager, but also a UI designer, and also responsible for technology development, then most of the time after the product is delivered, he and his company will disappear.

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