WeChat Mini Program Customization Operation Steps

WeChat mini program customization steps.

Many people want to know, if you want to develop a WeChat mini program of your own, how should you do it? In fact, it is not difficult to create your own company’s WeChat mini program. The important thing is to see how you position yourself. How do you make a WeChat mini program? What is the purpose and what kind of actual effect do you want to achieve? Now let’s get to the point and briefly introduce to you how to create a WeChat applet.

WeChat Mini Program Customization Operation Steps
WeChat Mini Program

Here are the steps:

1. First of all, before we create any WeChat mini program, we must think carefully about what the WeChat mini program you develop and design will be used for, and what functions you want to achieve, such as marketing promotion or online sales, or Build brand awareness, because when you first make a product that customers need, if you don’t understand what customers want, you won’t be able to achieve actual results.

2. After the positioning is confirmed, the designer can start to lay out a rough framework. If some company’s WeChat applet needs to implement online payment, distribution, points redemption and other functions, the overall one must be considered. Layout, carefully arranged and planned. But if you are just displaying WeChat applet, there is no need to customize it. Generally, you can just choose a simple page and fill it in.

3. After all the previous functions have been confirmed, the designer can take the next step. They can start the overall page design of the WeChat applet and finalize the overall page style, color matching and content display. At this time, the approximate actual effect can be seen Out.

4. After completing the first three steps, you can turn to our technical department and ask them to develop, design and customize according to the relevant modules.

5. You can purchase a server domain name while designing the renderings. Domain names must be registered. After purchasing the domain name, we must complete the registration process. After the domain name is submitted for registration, you can apply for the WeChat applet. The relevant steps for application are listed above. Just fill it out accordingly. In addition, if you want to pay online first, you must apply for payment and obtain the relevant port of the WeChat applet.

6. After all functions are OK, you can connect with the backend of the WeChat applet. After all functions are OK, you can go online and use the WeChat applet.

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