• How to make money by developing an APP?

    How to make money by developing an APP? With the arrival of 5G, everyone is very concerned about when 5G mobile phones will be popularized. Mobile phones are definitely inseparable from APPs. We usually have dozens of APPs installed on our mobile phones, but most of the APPs we use do not cost money. It costs money to purchase, and there are not many paid items during use. Then some people have to ask, what do these companies spend a lot of money to develop APPs to make money? Why…

  • What kind of APP has a higher probability of successful development and operation?

    What kind of APP has a higher probability of successful development and operation? The development of APP is nothing more than to solve the two problems of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. To put it bluntly, it is an APP that helps you save money and an APP that helps you make money. Which one specifically? For example, some offline business models can be profitable with or without an APP. However, developing an APP is just to increase the efficiency of communicating with customers, increasing the efficiency of customers placing…

  • Shared store system-how the catering industry turns old customers into marketing channels

    I have a student who is in the restaurant business. Most of his customers are regular customers, and the performance is good every year. But the problem is that his customers are very unstable, and the daily turnover fluctuates greatly. No money, let alone wages. Later, we created a membership partner mechanism for him to lock in customers and serve as a sales channel to stabilize performance. How does the specific plan work? In the past, when everyone came to eat, they only made sporadic purchases. Now, as long as…

  • How to develop WeChat applets to make money

    WeChat applet is a new type of Internet application, which is favored by more and more users because of its light weight, convenience and speed, and no need to download and install. For developers, WeChat mini-programs are also a very promising field, where they can make money by developing mini-programs. 1. Basic knowledge of small program development Before developing WeChat applets, you need to master some basic development knowledge, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to understand the development specifications, framework, grammar, etc. of…