• Building a better city – urban app development

    With the portability of smartphones and the practicality of app software development, all walks of life have developed their own application software. Government departments began to adapt to the development trends of the times, provide better services to citizens, and began to develop urban applications. City apps are developed to enable citizens to help governments run their cities. This is a new type of urban management approach. 1. Sophistication of mobile Internet technology promotes government app development Our country has a large population, and every city has a large population,…

  • How can intra-city delivery mini-programs open up a new landscape for the industry?

    How can intra-city delivery mini programs open up a new landscape for the industry? In recent years, as the sales model of e-commerce online shopping has been sought after by mass users, the need for the traditional online goods distribution industry to improve service quality and delivery speed has become a major “criticism” in the industry. For the traditional distribution industry, The extended intra-city delivery service can meet the needs of users shopping online in the same city for product delivery, and using the WeChat mini-program platform for intra-city delivery…

  • Why develop a city life APP?

    In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have brought huge changes to everyone’s lives, and at the same time, they also provide everyone with more business opportunities. Self-media, knowledge payment, takeout delivery, sharing economy, social e-commerce, short video, community e-commerce, etc. are all developing rapidly. After years of development, traffic in major first-tier cities has been basically fixed, so many companies have turned their attention to third- and fourth-tier cities and county areas. Developing a city life app has become a very good entrepreneurial project. Do you know why…