• Focus on the Two Sessions: Talk about the changes in the development direction of blockchain this year

    Focus on the Two Sessions: Talk about the changes in the development direction of blockchain this year On May 21st and 22nd, the third session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress will be officially held. Today and tomorrow, blockchain policies, blockchain applications, and the integration and development of blockchain and other technologies are bound to receive widespread attention in the industry. Many people say that this year will be the first year of breakthroughs…

    News 2023-10-28
  • What advantages can the flower mall applet bring?

    What advantages can the flower mall applet bring? As people’s concept of “ceremony” gradually deepens, the flower express retail industry also makes a lot of money during major holidays. However, because the current flower shop customers are more demanding for instant efficiency, online booking, and one-stop Convenient services have forced many traditional flower retail stores to face a “shuffle” transformation, and the Internet platform provided by WeChat mini program has just created opportunities for the traditional flower retail industry. You only need to develop a WeChat mini program flower mall…

  • What problems can be solved by developing medical beauty app?

    The development of the medical beauty industry has also increased people’s acceptance of plastic surgery products. However, after all, they do not accept frequent plastic surgery. Therefore, the medical beauty industry still belongs to the “low-frequency consumption” operating model. This also means that if the medical beauty industry wants to develop, it must build a brand and promote it to acquire new customers so that it can continue to operate. However, traditional offline promotion investment is large and the return is small, which has become a “criticism” in the medical…

  • Shanghai Software Development-Blockchain will change the software industry

    This article mainly discusses the next trend in the software industry: blockchain, and its impact on the entire industry. The core of the blockchain certainly has a technical part, but its greatest value is its transformation of traditional value distribution due to its economic characteristics. Charging issues The first problem to be solved when the software industry was born was the issue of charging, or copyright. So far, China has not solved this problem very well. For example, China’s development and design team has a natural advantage that is not…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company-How to combine blockchain with real industries

    With the development of blockchain technology, the value of industrial blockchain empowering various industries has become increasingly prominent. The development of blockchain is a process of moving closer from ideal to reality, from the consumer level to the industrial level. The industrial blockchain carries the function of a trusted data network and solves the problem that traditional central databases cannot generate trust between enterprises. So how does blockchain combine with the physical industry? Below we will take you to understand how blockchain is combined with the physical industry. First, the…

  • Education industry: Is it suitable for custom development of small program apps? What are the advantages?

    Is the education industry suitable for custom development of mini-program apps? With the outbreak of the epidemic, more and more industries have begun to shift from offline to online, and from physical stores to small programs and apps, bringing many new changes to the market. So, how should the education industry transform to online? Is the education industry suitable for custom development of small program apps? The traditional education industry is run by offline institutions. Now that the epidemic is becoming more and more serious, offline operations are hampered by…

  • How to develop industry APP, what work needs to be done?

    Under the Internet technology, industry APP software development is gradually emerging. Based on the platform, many practical operations can be improved, so as to complete the overall upgrade and update of the platform, which is in line with the future development of the industry. Let’s take you to understand how to develop industry APPs and what work needs to be done to develop these APPs. 1. Demand sorting: including market demand, user demand, platform demand, etc. Then sort out the pre-development logic of the project. It is recommended to use…