• Analysis of five key points that need to be understood when developing WeChat public accounts

    Five points you need to know when developing WeChat public accounts in Chengdu Five points you need to understand when developing WeChat public accounts 1. Sense of smell To do business and operate, you must have a certain sensitivity to new things and a sufficient sense of smell for new things. Many times, if you keep your head down and do things conservatively, you will miss some opportunities. Of course, if you have to spend a lot of money, time and resources to do something, you must think carefully about…

  • What is needed to register, develop and produce a mini program mall?

    What is needed for mini program mall registration, development and production Mini program mall development requires a business license. Although individual entities can also make mini programs, individual entities’ mini programs do not have transaction capabilities, and users cannot place orders within individual entities’ mini programs. General business licenses are divided into individual business licenses and enterprise licenses. Registration for an individual business license is relatively simple, requiring only the legal person’s ID card and bank card information; registration for an enterprise license requires information related to a public account,…

  • How to make money by developing APP software and small programs?

    Which industry is more profitable nowadays? Undoubtedly it is the mobile Internet industry. This is already an issue that everyone is discussing in 2021. Mobile APP development has completely rewritten the existing business market model in China. More and more people rely on mobile APP platforms to start Internet businesses and make money. More and more, and many new app business models are evolving one after another, causing a major impact on traditional industries. Of course, we must grasp the market dividend and technical dividend. What is the market dividend?…