How do individuals create WeChat mini programs?

Now is the era of mobile Internet, and many traditional stores or personal marketing have turned to Internet marketing.

Many companies want to get on the fast train of the Internet. The development trend of micro-business in recent years. That’s a good example. At this stage, the mini program mall is in full swing again. Therefore, many people will want to create a WeChat applet. But I am not very familiar with the process of making small programs.

The structural components of a complete WeChat mini program: the mini program’s account number, domain name ( (filing), SSL certificate, mini program, and program code.

How do individuals create WeChat mini programs?

1. Mini program account registration: Mini program accounts need to be registered. The registration process is detailed on the WeChat website. Everyone needs to note that if payment function is required, corporate qualifications are required. Individuals are not currently supported. Mini program accounts require 300 certification. cost. If you have a certified public account, you can waive this part of the fee.

2. Mini program’s domain name: Mini program does not have any requirements for domain name selection. It only needs that the domain name has been registered. You can also use it by getting a second-level domain name. It is recommended to register the domain name on a large cloud service. Remember not to go to a small website. Register, it will be difficult to get it back when the website goes bankrupt.

3. Mini program cloud server: The mini program cloud server is where the backend and interface files are stored. It has certain requirements on bandwidth and space. Cloud servers are generally more expensive and require professional maintenance. If the mini program project is relatively small, you can choose a space that supports SSL. The cost will be much cheaper, and the more expensive space will cost around 500.

4. Mini program production and design: The preliminary preparation work of the mini program was introduced before. This step is the design and production of the mini program. The design style of the mini program pursues simplicity and clarity. It does not have many color blocks like the website. The production of the mini program It is divided into database design, backend development, front-end code writing, and interface code writing. If you want to make an excellent small program, you must strive for excellence in early planning and coding. The current backend code includes PHP, JSQ, ASP.NET, ASP and other languages. Among them, PHP is the most widely used. The front-end code can use the native code of the mini program, or it can be written using a framework such as Vue.

The development of small programs is no better than that of websites. After so many years of development, websites have already had many mature and free cms that can be used, but there are no small programs. Some of them require an annual fee, just like QQ Space. You have There is no right to use, no right to change, and no personalization.

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