What is the development process of WeChat mini program?

Original title: What is the development process of WeChat mini programs?

What is the development process of WeChat mini program?

Most customers don’t know much about the process of WeChat mini program development, and sometimes they encounter some unpleasant problems, such as rushing progress or blaming developers. Today, from the perspective of Langzhichao, a WeChat mini program development company, we will answer the questions about the mini program development process and related costs in detail.

What are the conditions for developing WeChat mini programs?

1. Mobile phone number, email address, business license or certified WeChat official account.

2. If you do not have a certified official account, you need to authenticate, and the WeChat fee is 300 yuan. A business license (self-employed or company) email address, mobile phone number, personal ID card, business license seal, personal bank card number or company account, corporate bank, and real-name authentication WeChat ID scan code are required.

How much does it cost to develop a WeChat mini program?

1. Customized development: The cost of the mini program includes server cost, certification cost of 300 yuan, mini program development cost, mini program operation and maintenance, and subsequent upgrade and update of the mini program, which requires at least 30,000 yuan.

2. Template production: If you use mini program template production, the cost is relatively low, about 3,000-4,000 yuan.

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WeChat mini program development process

The development process of mini programs is mainly a customized development process rather than template production. The template applet is very simple to create, so I won’t go into details here.

The specific steps for custom development are as follows:

1. Determine the content and positioning of the mini program, such as industry, target users, required functions (key points) and required content.

2. UI design of the mini program interface, including the overall page style, each page, buttons, icons, fonts, colors, etc. After the first version is completed, we need to confirm with the customer whether the design details need to be changed, then complete the design and start development.

3. Mini program development, program production, backend production, design draft delivery, front-end slicing, program editing and production.

4. After the basic functions and interface are completed, we will add customer-related information, text and image content, and further complete the mini program.

5. After it is basically completed, we need to test the small program. Find projects that need optimization and bugs that need to be fixed.

6. Then start applying for Mini Program registration, please refer to the “WeChat Mini Program Access Guide”.

7. Fill in the information, fill in the WeChat application name, introduction, upload the application avatar, and set keywords.

8. Upload the mini program version for review. You will receive information after passing the review.

9. Generate an online version, publish the version, and set the version that allows search.

10. Add nearby mini programs. Add the location of the mini program based on the business license.

11. Add industry keywords to facilitate search. Currently, it is one of the main sources of organic traffic.

12. Let customers use it, receive customer feedback, solve problems, and perform subsequent maintenance.

At this point, the development of the entire WeChat mini program is over. The next step is to find out: How to promote your WeChat mini program?

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