The reason why it is easier to succeed if you create an account with a short video operating company than by yourself

Why are many people unable to create short video accounts by themselves, but after finding a reliable short video agency operation team, the short video agency operation team can easily create the account? In fact, it is not because the short video agency operation team has How magical, but there is a reason.

The reason why it is easier to succeed if you create an account with a short video operating company than by yourself
Short video operation

Because many people have not thought about why they need to send short videos.

Videos posted on Douyin must have a strong purpose, such as traffic, persona, and conversion. If posting this video can give me great exposure and increase my followers, then this video can be posted.

If this video can enhance my personality, for example, I work in real estate and I continue to export my professional knowledge and enhance my personality, then this video can also be posted.

If posting this video can bring me more customers and more sales, then I can post it too.

It’s best not to post anything other than that. Many people’s posts are very messy, making it difficult for people to believe that you are a professional in a certain thing, or it is difficult to find what you want to watch among so many videos, so you have to No one will watch the video.

Speaking of which, I have to mention the catering industry.

Because in my opinion, the catering industry is the most suitable for Douyin, because it is extremely easy to monetize Douyin short videos in the catering industry.

If someone comes over to have a meal after watching your video, there is no pressure for them to pay dozens or hundreds of dollars.

Now think about it, are all the restaurants recommended to you by your friends by watching Douyin? You see that this restaurant is very popular and you like the food, so you come here to eat.

If you don’t know how to be a Douyin boss, you can ask a professional team of video operators to shoot videos for you.

If the dishes are well-done, take more pictures of the dishes. If the dishes are more average, you can take pictures of the decoration. If the environment is good, it will be easy to attract people. If you really can’t take pictures of the boss lady or the beautiful cashier, beauty plus delicious food will make it even more attractive. Traffic password.

Bosses who know how to do it can use Douyin to build their restaurant’s brand or attract investment or provide training, which can make a lot of money.

Think about the examples around you, such as a certain restaurant or a certain barbecue, which all relied on Douyin short videos to become big.

The above is today’s sharing about short video agency operations. I hope it can help you.

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