What are the job contents, development prospects, and salary of short video operations?

Everyone must have observed this phenomenon, that is, now everyone likes to watch various short videos, and businesses also like to use videos to promote their products. Short video operation has become a hot job.

Because this is an emerging job category that has only appeared in recent years, everyone will be curious about what the job content is, what the development prospects are, and whether the salary is high… The editor will talk to you about these issues today.

What are the job contents, development prospects, and salary of short video operations?
Short video

Work content

I researched the descriptions of short video operation job responsibilities of companies on the market from recruitment websites, and summarized them. There are two main types:

The first one is the most common, which is to plan and create short videos and operate short video accounts according to the company’s development needs.

Generally, we are required to be able to plan and select topics, write scripts, shoot, and edit. You also need to master the algorithm logic of the platform and master the operation skills of media accounts. Responsible for the dissemination and exposure of content.

The second type is relatively rare and is concentrated in social media platform companies, such as Bilibili, Douyin, Weibo, etc. The short video operators they recruit do not produce videos themselves, but formulate and Implement various mechanisms to maximize the incentives for short video authors to create.

Salary situation

In first-tier cities, such as Beijing, the starting salary for short video operations ranges from 8 to 15k, and larger companies generally offer higher salaries.

In new first-tier cities, such as Chengdu, Wuhan, and Xi’an, the starting salary is 5 to 8k.

What we mentioned above are starting salaries. Of course, if you work hard in this field and become a senior short video operator or an expert in short video operations; or if you keep moving up and be promoted to the level of operations supervisor or operations director, your salary will be It will grow exponentially, and the range of salary changes will be even greater. By then, you will be the one earning an annual salary.

At this point, friends who listened carefully have discovered two development paths for short video operations.

Development path

The first one is to develop in the direction of experts, which is the role of an operator in the short video field, such as creating videos with exposures exceeding one million or tens of millions, creating high-quality content that is highly disseminated and generally recognized by everyone, etc. .

Generally, you are required to have a good understanding of the gameplay mechanisms of major video platforms, have your own mature methodology and successful experience in creating popular content, and be able to achieve the company’s operational goals very well.

The second is to go in the management direction, becoming the leader of the short video operation team, or the operations director of the entire company, shouldering the responsibility of operating all the company’s media accounts, formulating development plans and operation strategies, stabilizing existing growth points while continuing Discover and try new growth models and lead the team to achieve performance goals.

This not only requires us to understand or even be proficient in professional operations related to operations, but also more importantly, the ability to formulate and dismantle strategies, allocate and utilize resources, manage and build teams, etc.

The third option is to set up your own business and start your own business.

After we have experience in video creation and media account operation, we can create our own media accounts, do our own self-media, and earn income by bringing goods, accepting advertisements, and receiving platform creation rewards.

Development prospects

So finally, let’s return to the question that everyone is most concerned about: Is there any future for short video operations?

Generally, the prospects we talk about refer to salary, industry prospects, employment prospects, etc. Therefore, if the short video talks about prospects, we may also need to talk about them separately.

The editor only talks about his own thoughts;

From the salary point of view, short videos are still a popular and emerging field at the moment. Hot-selling clothes are still relatively popular, and the prices are also raised high. Therefore, the salary market has the ability to do hot-selling videos or work with scientific methodology. The companies you apply for are still more willing to pay high salaries;

On the other hand, there are advantages and disadvantages. Emerging fields are flourishing and full of opportunities, but there are also many risks and unstable factors. You also need to be able to withstand temptations, keep a steady pace, have the ability to identify positions, and steadily improve your skills, so that you will not Disrupted

In the final analysis, the editor personally feels that most positions on the Internet are very promising. But having said that, people who can operate short videos will definitely develop well?

The editor’s answer is no, because the development prospects of the position do not represent the development prospects of the individual. The good prospects of this position do not mean that the person doing this job has prospects.

A person’s success is not just because he chooses a promising job, because in the end he still has to work hard on his own ability, and he has to be hard-working.

Today, the editor has roughly shared so much about short video operations, mainly introducing some basic information about this position.

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