What functions should smart home APP development have?

What functions should smart home APP development have?

Nowadays, many home products can be remotely controlled using mobile APPs. The mobile APP is equivalent to a universal remote control at home. It unifies the various settings of the furniture. Whether at home or away, you only need to touch the relevant navigation buttons on the APP application or control the hardware through voice control, and select the APP interface. Timing can be used to remotely time the hardware. The development of smart homeAPP realizes the role of a bridge between users and smart hardware. Today let’s talk about what functions smart home APP development has?

What functions should smart home APP development have?
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1. Surveillance video

You can view the real-time surveillance video of your home anytime, anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. Through monitoring, you can clearly check the situation of children or elderly people at home, and always pay attention to the safety of your family.

2. Intelligent alarm

When an abnormality occurs in a smart device, the system will immediately alarm and push the abnormal situation to the user’s mobile APP. For example, if the smart door lock is opened abnormally, gas leakage and other situations can be detected in time, providing users with a safer home environment.

3. Universal remote control

The mobile APP can remotely control smart home devices, such as turning on and off the air conditioner to adjust the temperature, turning on the TV and changing channels to watch dramas, etc. to control all smart home devices in the home.

4. Equipment physical examination

You can conduct a comprehensive physical examination of the smart devices at home to ensure that the devices can be used normally and safely. If a malfunction occurs, you can clearly check where the problem is with the device, making it easier to repair.

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