• Basic concepts: How did blockchain develop?

    Blockchain has become a modern buzzword, and blockchain technology is currently the hottest. Both companies and individuals have joined the blockchain industry. Blockchain is a further development based on the Internet and a further upgrade of the Internet society. However, the emergence of a new thing is always accompanied by a lot of questioning, research and discussion. So, how did blockchain develop? What is it like now? Let’s find out together. 1. Popular blockchain Those who know blockchain should be familiar with the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Although it is not…

  • Blockchain: Sharing of basic blockchain terms

    Blockchainis a term in the field of information technology. Essentially, it is a shared database, and the data or information stored in it is “unforgeable”, “full traces are left”, “traceable” and “open and transparent” Features such as “collective maintenance”. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid a solid foundation of “trust” and created a reliable “cooperation” mechanism, which has broad application prospects. NextShare some terms in blockchain through articles: (1) Address: A Bitcoin address (for example: 1D1DSrfJdB2AnWaFNgSbv3MZC2m74996JafV) consists of a string of characters and numbers. It is actually the…

  • What are Bitcoin and Blockchain? What is the relationship between them

    Today, let’s learn about Bitcoin, blockchain and the relationship between them. What is Bitcoin? The Bitcoin system is a network system used to build this digital currency. It is a distributed peer-to-peer network system. Unlike currency in the traditional sense, Bitcoin is not a currency with physical banknotes issued by a certain monetary institution. Specifically, it should be a virtual currency that only exists on the Internet and is decentralized. Bitcoin is generated through a large amount of calculations based on specific algorithms. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database…

  • Bitcoin and blockchain are used interchangeably, but they are two different things

    Bitcoin and blockchain are used interchangeably, but they are two different things. Bitcoin was an early application of blockchain technology, and people inadvertently started using bitcoin to refer to blockchain, thus creating this misuse. But there are many applications of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates without any centralized control. Originally created to conduct financial transactions online, Bitcoin is now considered a digital asset convertible to any other global currency such as the US dollar or the euro. The public Bitcoin blockchain network will create…