• Shanghai APP development cost introduction

    For various industriesThe various costs involved in the APP development process are relatively familiar. The common APPs mainly include these, such as shopping mall APP, education APP, social APP, collaborative APP, office APP, medical APP and so on. The following is a list of common APP development costs: 1. Apple APP developers $99 (corporate developers $299) 2. Application fee for soft copying (generally around 300, most Android application markets require a soft copying certificate) 3. SMS fee (generally 4-5 points/message, APP needs to register through SMS verification code, SMS reminder,…

  • Shanghai Mini Program Development Fee Introduction

    Nowadays, more and more companies have begun to develop their own mini-program products. The convenience of scanning and using the mini-program without downloading is very popular among users. Before developing their own mini program products, enterprises will first consider the cost of mini program development. Then, based on years of experience in small program development, Xinli Information Technology will briefly introduce what costs are required to develop small programs. Environmental fees The environment includes server, domain name, WeChat certification and other expenses. The server generally costs about 3,000 yuan a…