• What functions are indispensable for social APP development?

    Today’s social APP development brings a lot of convenience to people and shortens the distance between people. However, the Internet is a fantasy world after all, so merchants have to protect the privacy of registered users or keep people from using their accounts. Safety verification must be done in terms of performance, so as to better protect people’s safety in use. Social APP applications are based on Internet technology, innovate on the original social model, and strive to create personalized social service solutions for users, so that users can enjoy…

  • How can social e-commerce mini programs meet user needs?

    Under the existing operating platform of traditional e-commerce, social networking is undoubtedly one of the “shortcomings”. For example, Maomao and Dongdong generate order conversions through users actively searching for “rigid demand products” on the platform. However, due to the random More and more businesses are settling in. The battle for traffic among peers is extremely fierce. How does the social e-commerce concept, which is favored by e-commerce giants, satisfy user needs on mini programs and achieve order conversion? The editor below will answer the question based on my own analysis…

  • Introduction to the functional advantages of social e-commerce system development

    The concept of social e-commerce is developing rapidly on the Internet and is widely used in various major platforms. Taking into account the advantages of this service, a diversified online service channel can be built using social e-commerce system development methods to achieve more business conversions. 1. What are the advantages of social e-commerce system development? The e-commerce model now also needs to adopt more methods to adapt to the challenges in the new era and explore more opportunities. Among them, the development of social e-commerce systems can give full…

  • How can social e-commerce rely on WeChat mini programs to achieve marketing fission?

    How do social e-commerce mini-programs achieve fission marketing? The social e-commerce industry has already begun to be laid out, and the number of employees has already exceeded 80 million. We can see from the number of employees that the industry has signs of rapid development, which has also made the concept of social e-commerce more popular among e-commerce companies. Recognized by business giants, many traditional e-commerce sellers or companies that are optimistic about the industry have begun to gradually enter the field of social e-commerce to seek development. WeChat mini…

  • What functions does basketball social app development have?

    Basketball is of great significance to boys, so many male users will use their free time to play basketball. Not only can they experience the feeling of sweating profusely, but they can also make like-minded friends. In today’s basketball game social circle, there are scattered There are many tournaments, and the chess players coming and going are all the same. Provide users with services such as game news, exciting games, basketball hoops, and player updates. Basketball social app development function 1. Game news: There will be a CBA/NBA League every…

  • APP software development can help enterprises

    APP software development can help enterprises gain leading rights in the network zone Smartphones have now become a necessity in daily life. Mobile phones are almost a must-wear device when going out. From the first time people came into contact with mobile phone APP software to now, they are more interested in the functional experience it brings, realizing a mobile phone. Various functions can be used. In the life of the mobile Internet, APP software development has become the focus. Whether it is offline physical stores or corporate groups rooted…

  • Market hot spots: SocialFi, the next hot spot for NFT

    What is the next hot spot for NFT? 1. What is SocialFi? After the advent of the DeFi era, NFTFi and GameFi exploded one after another, and SocialFi has high hopes from the community. In fact, in the first half of 2021, many new projects with the SocialFi concept are joining this track. SocialFi is actually a combination of Social and Finance. We can obtain more benefits through the financialization and tokenization of our own social influence. With the blessing of DeFi, the “Fi” in SocialFi has shifted more from…

  • How WeChat was developed

    WeChat is a social media application developed by Chinese technology company Tencent and officially launched in 2011. WeChat provides a series of social media functions such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, circle of friends, WeChat official account, etc. through applications on mobile devices, and has become one of the most popular social media applications in China. The development process of WeChat can be divided into the following stages: First, the initial stage The development of WeChat originated from Tencent’s QQ. The early WeChat was developed based on QQ’s…