• Functions developed by voting applet

    Original title: Functions developed by voting applet There are many occasions at work where it is necessary to promote voting to decide certain things. The Voting Mini Program is a lightweight voting application for individuals and businesses. Users can open the application by scanning or searching in the Mini Program. There is no need to install or download, and it is at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily create real-time votes and vote online. , can make your voting more unique, so what are the functions of developing a…

  • Functions developed by the venue reservation applet

    Original title: Functions developed by the venue reservation applet The craze for national fitness has made my country’s sports industry flourish. Nowadays, people prefer to play sports in professional settings, such as badminton, basketball, football, swimming, etc. The large number of people and the lack of land make it difficult to find a seat in sports venues during the peak sports season. The development of small programs for booking sports venues can effectively solve the problem of people having difficulty booking sports venues. 1. Venue classification search In order to…

  • How WeChat was developed

    WeChat is a social media application developed by Chinese technology company Tencent and officially launched in 2011. WeChat provides a series of social media functions such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, circle of friends, WeChat official account, etc. through applications on mobile devices, and has become one of the most popular social media applications in China. The development process of WeChat can be divided into the following stages: First, the initial stage The development of WeChat originated from Tencent’s QQ. The early WeChat was developed based on QQ’s…