How to wake up the loss of mini program users?

How to wake up the loss of mini program users?

As many companies and merchants have gradually settled on the WeChat mini program platform, they have discovered a drawback of mini programs during the operation process, which is that users are easy to lose, which has also caused a “headache” for many merchants. In fact, this is due to the out-of-the-box nature of mini programs, which can be regarded as bringing users the convenience of not having to download, but it requires merchants to spend energy on retaining users in the process of operating mini programs. Let me introduce it. How to wake up the loss of mini program users?

How to wake up the loss of mini program users?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Push users: WeChat mini programs and WeChat official accounts can push messages to users. As long as users enter the mini program, merchants can send the relevant information that needs to be pushed to the user’s WeChat through the content of the WeChat official account. This can achieve the effect of “awakening” users. However, it should be noted that users must first pay attention to the WeChat official account before content can be operated, so that users will not be easily disgusted.

2. Analyze users: It is also best to conduct behavioral analysis on users who have entered the mini program, such as what products user A purchased when entering the mini program for the first time, how long he stayed, the content pages he was interested in, and other relevant information. Find out user behavior, and then optimize and improve the mini program based on user data to more accurately meet user needs. After all, only by understanding users can we better “awaken” them.

3. Motivate users: How to motivate users? Then you need to use the marketing tools in the mini program to complete it, such as setting up group buying, points system, free product exchange, commission incentives, etc., which can effectively motivate users who have used the mini program to use the mini program again. Of course, The type of activity cannot be too single and boring. It is best to allow users to receive real “prizes” to awaken users.

4. Associating users: Associating users with a community is an indispensable task for mini program operations. Many businesses do not pay attention to the actual commercial value that communities can bring, but high-quality communities can truly make people happy. Merchants are “associated” with users and can create user fission and increase user stickiness. At the same time, more precise users can be guided one-on-one to generate repeat purchases to achieve the purpose of awakening.

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