• Corporate website construction plan: How does a company develop a website? What is the website construction process?

    In the Internet era, it is obvious that websites are important to the development of enterprises, so websites have become important to modern enterprises. Today we will talk about enterprise website construction plans: How do enterprises develop websites, and what is the website construction process? Establish your own website target group When building a network, you must first establish a goal and ask yourself why I want to build this website and who I want to attract to visit this website. What do I want this website to look like?…

  • Two good ways to attract traffic to corporate websites

    What are the ways to attract traffic to corporate websites? You may not know what traffic is. The traffic of a website means that users can see the website open and browse on different platforms, and it brings more exposure opportunities to the website. Enterprises can find content that meets their needs. supplier. There are many ways to attract traffic to websites, some of which are not effective, some of which are average, and some of which are obvious. Share two ways to attract traffic, you can refer to it!…

  • Website localization deployment

    We are a professional website localization deployment company, which solves the problem that foreign brand official websites, corporate websites, and service websites open slowly or even fail to open after Global enterprises and brands enter China. Infocode Lanchang Information Technology provides a full range of localization of text, pictures, video, and audio for the entire site, and provides services such as localized server deployment, website operation and maintenance, and website optimization. Website graphic, video, audio Sinicization ● Languages ​​for website translation: We have many years of experience in website translation…