• APP development preparation materials and solutions

    1. What information is needed to develop an APP? 1. Business license (used to apply for corporate payment, domain name registration, and software listing application) 2. Mobile phone number (used to apply for various platform accounts and certification) 3. Email (users receive emails when applying for authentication) 4. Server (used for system cloud storage space) 5. SMS (used by the platform to send SMS verification codes) 6. Domain name: The access address of the software and the domain name need to be registered. Required information: (business license, legal person information,…

  • What language is used for secondary development of WeChat

    The commonly used languages ​​for secondary development of WeChat include Java, Python, PHP, C#, etc. Java is an object-oriented programming language with cross-platform characteristics, so it is widely used in the secondary development of WeChat. Java developers can use the Java SDK provided by WeChat to realize the management and function expansion of WeChat official accounts by calling APIs of the WeChat open platform. The Java SDK provides a wealth of interfaces, including message management, material management, user management, etc., which can help developers quickly build WeChat official account applications….

  • What language is used for WeChat development

    The main programming languages ​​used in WeChat development are JavaScript and Java. JavaScript is a scripting language, mainly used for front-end development, including web interface, dynamic effects, etc. In WeChat development, JavaScript is mainly used to write the front-end interface and interaction logic of the applet, such as the interface design and user operation of the applet. Java is an object-oriented programming language, mainly used for back-end development, including server-side applications, database operations, etc. In the development of WeChat, Java is mainly used to write the back-end interface of the…

  • What tools are used to develop WeChat official account

    WeChat official account is an application program based on the WeChat platform, which is used to provide various services and functions. A variety of tools and technologies can be used to develop WeChat public accounts. Several commonly used development tools will be introduced below. 1. WeChat public platform developer tool: WeChat officially provides a developer tool that can be used to develop official accounts on the developer’s own computer and debug. This tool provides a visual interface through which developers can write code, debug and simulate tests, so as to…

  • What technology is used to develop WeChat official account

    The following technologies can be used to develop a WeChat official account: 1. WeChat official account development framework: You can choose to use Python-based Flask, Django and other frameworks for development, or you can use the Express framework of Node.js, etc. These frameworks provide convenient functions such as routing, template engine, and database operations, which help to quickly build the background services of WeChat public accounts. 2. WeChat public platform interface: WeChat provides a series of interfaces through which developers can realize user authentication, message reception and reply, menu management…