• Shanghai Website Maintenance Company: What does website maintenance include and what does it mainly do?

    Why do you need website maintenance? A good website needs to update content regularly or irregularly in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase visits. Website maintenance is to ensure that your website can run stably on the Internet for a long time The professional Shanghai website maintenance company New Mileage Technology is here to talk to you about what website maintenance includes. What does website maintenance mainly do? Website maintenance includes a lot of content. In addition to uploading data and updating news, it also includes page…

  • Shanghai WeChat Development Company: Functions that WeChat Official Accounts Need to Develop

    WeChat official account is a very popular social platform, which provides a wealth of functions and services to meet the various needs of users. The development of WeChat official account involves many aspects, including menu, message reply, template message, material management, user management, data statistics, WeChat payment and small program access, etc. Developers can choose appropriate functions to develop according to their own needs, so as to provide users with a better service experience. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce to you some necessary…