How to develop WeChat mall

WeChat mall refers to the opening of an online mall within the WeChat official account, through which functions such as product display, purchase, and payment can be realized. The development of WeChat mall requires mastering the relevant knowledge and technology of WeChat public platform. The following will introduce the development of WeChat mall in detail from the aspects of preparation, construction environment, development process and precautions.

How to develop WeChat mall

1. Preparation

How to develop WeChat mall

1. Register a WeChat public account: First, you need to register a public account on the WeChat public platform. The type of public account is service account or subscription account.

2. Apply for WeChat payment: WeChat Mall needs to use WeChat payment, you need to register on the WeChat merchant platform first, and then configure the merchant number and payment key and other information into the WeChat payment module.

3. Purchase a server: WeChat Mall needs a stable server to run. You can choose a cloud server or purchase a server yourself.

4. Prepare development tools: WeChat Mall needs to use the developer tools and API interfaces provided by the WeChat public platform, and you need to download and install the relevant tools and SDK first.

Second, build the environment

1. Configure the server environment: install LAMP or LNMP and other environments, configure PHP and MySQL, and install the development library provided by the WeChat public platform.

2. Debug development tools: use the developer tools of the WeChat public platform to debug, and can develop and test locally.

3. Development process

1. Design page: Design the mall page according to the needs and functions of the mall, including home page, category, product details, shopping cart, order and other pages.

2. Development background: develop background management system, you can use PHP framework such as Laravel or Yii, etc., to realize product management, order management, user management, marketing activities and other functions.

3. Front-end development: Use front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to realize the interactive effect and user experience of the mall page.

4. Integrate WeChat payment: Integrate the WeChat payment interface into the mall to realize functions such as payment process and order management.

5. Test and launch: After the development is completed, test and debug, and then run the mall online.

Four. Precautions

1. Before development, you need to understand the relevant regulations and restrictions of the WeChat public platform, such as not being able to sell some products directly.

2. The pages of the mall need to adapt to different devices and screen sizes to ensure user experience.

3. The data in the mall needs to be backed up and restored to prevent data loss or damage.

4. The security of the mall needs to be guaranteed to prevent user information leakage and payment security issues.

In short, the development of WeChat Mall requires mastering the relevant technologies and API interfaces of the WeChat public platform, making sufficient preparations and environment construction, and paying attention to the security and user experience of the mall. Through the above steps and precautions, a complete WeChat mall can be successfully developed.

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