How much does it cost to develop a small program?

Original title: How much does it cost to develop a small program?

“After three years of development, today’s mini programs have basically been integrated into our lives. Mini programs may be used in shopping, eating, and entertainment,

The emergence of WeChat mini programs has given merchants traffic support and brought business opportunities to many merchants who want to develop online.

Offline store merchants have their own mini programs, so they can integrate offline resources, accumulate mobile offline customers into mini programs, cultivate their own private domain traffic, and attract Drain new traffic to achieve user conversion and retention. ”

How much does it cost to develop a small program?

According to statistics, merchants currently use more e-commerce mall-type mini-programs, whose main function is to help merchants sell products better.

So what is the price of building a mini program mall? Today, the editor will talk to you about Several factors that affect the development price of mall mini programs:


Mini Program Function

The function of the mini program is an important factor affecting the development price. The more functions there are, the more difficult it is to develop, so the longer it takes, and therefore the more expensive the development price is.

On the contrary, the fewer functions, the lower the difficulty of development, the shorter the development time required, so the cheaper the development cost.

General mini program mall functions:

Basic functions:Product display, shopping cart, order purchase, order inquiry, logistics tracking, etc.;

Marketing functions: Group buying, flash sales, coupons, bargaining, red envelopes, etc.


Mini program page

The mall applet will not have only one page. In addition to the main display page, there are also product display pages, shopping cart pages, promotion pages, order inquiry and other pages.

The number of pages is also a factor that affects the development price. If the difficulty is high and the time is long, the price will be expensive. If the difficulty is low and the time is short, the price will be relatively cheap.


Mini program server

The image files and databases in the mini program mall need to be stored, and merchants need to pay the cost of leasing the server. The specific cost will be determined based on the configuration and broadband.


Mini program domain name

The current price of a domain name ranges from 55-130 yuan. Domain names are paid annually. This is the annual fee.

The domain name is mainly for communication with the server, so when merchants develop city mini programs, they also need to purchase a domain name.


Mini Program Certification

Merchants who need to open a mini program must provide relevant qualifications to the WeChat public platform (business license, ID card, public account, etc.), and pay a certification fee of 300 yuan.

The above is aimed at the main expenses of building a mini program for merchants who want to independently develop mini programs.

How much does it cost to develop a small program?

In fact, the mini program market is now very mature. If a merchant needs to build a mini program mall, it can be easily built directly using a third-party platform.

Basic functions such as product display, shopping cart, order purchase, order inquiry, logistics tracking, etc., including marketing functions Groups, flash sales, coupons, bargains, and red envelopes are also very complete, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses to develop online businesses.

Visual DIY design allows even novice merchants who don’t understand code to drag and drop modules to decorate the mini program mall.

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