• Shanghai Software Development – What does the complete process of App development include?

    Zhengzhou software app development steps丨Software design, development and customization丨What does the complete process of APP development include? What does the complete process of App development include? Generally speaking, app development involves six links. The second and sixth links are very critical, but are often ignored by Party A. 1. Demand research and feasibility analysis No one knows what their app needs to do better than Party A, so Party A needs to be deeply involved in this process and play a leading role in the beginning. 2. Sketch design It…

  • Understanding the software development process makes it easier to choose a software development company

    At present, many merchants and enterprises are expanding their online business through APP software. Due to their limited conditions, many enterprises will choose to outsource software to third-party development companies. So, how should we choose a software development company, and what details should we pay attention to in the process of communicating with a software development company? Below, I will introduce to you the software development process that you need to know when choosing a software development company. 1. Demand analysis and product analysis After receiving the customer’s order, the…

  • What is the applet development process like?

    The small program does not need to be downloaded, and the way of scanning the code to use it is very popular among users. The user group also exceeds the number of traditional APP users. Whether it is internal management or external marketing, it has the advantage of promotion. Many companies are developing their own mini program products. So, What is the development process of the applet? Next, let’s briefly introduce the development process of the applet. 1. Clear requirements Before development, it is necessary to communicate clearly with the…

  • A brief introduction to the applet development process

    Many companies are deploying their own online products in small programs, including e-commerce, travel, catering, office and other industries, because the small program does not need to be downloaded and can be used by scanning the code, which is easier to promote and use, and easier for users to accept Applets. How are applets made? Next, briefly introduce the applet development process. 1. Demand research The customer has the idea of ​​developing an online platform for consultation. The small program development company will sort out the needs and confirm them…

  • Mini Program Development Process Introduction

    At present, more and more companies are beginning to deploy their own products and services in small programs or implement mobile office software. Its characteristics of no need to download, scan code and use are very conducive to promotion and use, and the review and release is also very simple, no need to consider The information and qualification requirements of each application market only need to be reviewed and published on WeChat, Baidu and other platforms. So, what is the applet development process? Next, let’s introduce the development process of…

  • What is the development process of the applet?

    Due to the convenience of using small programs without downloading and scanning codes, few people are willing to download and install APPs to use mobile software. Many enterprise mobile software tends to be developed into small programs. Angular applets are also much more convenient than APPs for listing review, and they can be put on the shelves without applying for software. So, what is the process of mini program development? Next, we will introduce the process of developing small programs. Needs Research When customers have small program development needs, they…