• Sharing system development-How can sharing shareholders avoid financial disputes?

    Dear bosses, after cooperating with shared shareholders, how should we ensure that our accounts are transparent and there are no financial disputes? After all, if a shared shareholder shares its own customer base and the profits generated after consumption in your store, the shared shareholder will be very concerned about it. How do I know if my customers are here? What if you didn’t tell me or give me the money? And what items did my friend spend here? I don’t know if you will miscalculate the money for me?…

  • APP software customization development process and time required

    Most enterprise companies want to have an online product of their own immediately. But in fact, ready-made products that meet the needs of different enterprises are not so easy to find, and their quality cannot be guaranteed, and they can only be customized and developed. So how long does it take to customize APP software and mini programs? The time required for the entire software customization development process is summarized as follows: 1. Demand communication: When users find a software development company, the software development company needs to arrange professionals…

  • APP outsourcing development needs to be clear in the contract

    Let’s learn together some knowledge points about APP outsourcing development. Some common sense that enterprises should confirm with service providers during APP development should be implemented in the contract. 1. APP page design and determination of functional requirements This enterprise must not dislike trouble, but also must be clear, express the appearance of the APP that the enterprise wants, what things will be done with the APP in the future, and then determine the relevant functions, determine the style of the page and other key points. 2. It is best…

  • Mini Program Development Process Introduction

    At present, more and more companies are beginning to deploy their own products and services in small programs or implement mobile office software. Its characteristics of no need to download, scan code and use are very conducive to promotion and use, and the review and release is also very simple, no need to consider The information and qualification requirements of each application market only need to be reviewed and published on WeChat, Baidu and other platforms. So, what is the applet development process? Next, let’s introduce the development process of…

  • How to promote and drain WeChat Mini Programs?

    WeChat currently has 900 million users, and the dividends behind the mini programs can be imagined. After developing a small program, how to be known to the public is an important issue that small program merchants need to consider. Let’s talk about the promotion of WeChat Mini Programs today: How to promote WeChat Mini Programs? WeChat mini program promotion 1. Promotion of nearby mini programs The nearby applet is one of the many entrances of the applet. It is reported that advertising channels have also been added, so it is…

  • How to judge when choosing a small program development company?

    With the popularity of small programs on the mobile side, many small program companies have emerged as technical service providers, and customers will turn to these companies when they are going to make small programs. So, How to judge when choosing a small program development company? Here are some references for everyone, so we can exchange and learn together. Determine the development mode When customers come into contact with some small program companies, they will encounter two kinds of small programs, customized and saas templates. In this case, they must…