Shanghai website optimization company: analysis how to improve the loading speed of the website?

Nowadays, the user experience of the website is more and more important to the enterprise website. How to improve the user experience of the website is the key link of optimization and promotion.

If the loading speed of the corporate website is too slow, it is very detrimental to the user experience of the website, resulting in an increase in user bounce rate and loss of website traffic.

Then, how website optimization can improve the loading speed of the corporate website, Shanghai Xinli Information Technology has summarized the following methods for everyone:

Shanghai website optimization company: analysis how to improve the loading speed of the website?
Website optimization

Enterprise website redundant code optimization

A large number of redundant codes in the website will cause the website to load too slowly, and it is not conducive to the crawling of search spiders, and it will also cause the ranking of the website to drop. We can compress redundant code or encapsulate calls uniformly.

Enterprise website image quality optimization

High-quality and large-sized pictures on the website will increase the loading speed of the website, and in severe cases, the picture will fail to load. We can compress the picture to a certain extent to reduce the size of the picture as much as possible without affecting the user’s browsing.

Optimization of redundant plug-ins in corporate websites

There will be various functional plug-ins in some websites. Although such plug-ins can bring some convenience to users, they will also slow down the loading speed of the website to a certain extent. When optimizing the website, pay attention to the number of plug-ins in the website, not too many and delete unused plug-ins.

Enterprise website page optimization

Nowadays, dynamic pages are more conducive to data interaction, but such pages also have a disadvantage, that is, the loading speed of the website is too slow. When optimizing the website, pay attention to the type of the page, and it is best to use a static page.

Enterprise website content optimization

The quality of website content is also very important for website collection. Search engines value content quality. If some articles are copied from other websites and added to the website, search engines will consider these contents as spam and will not review them. included.

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