What should we pay attention to during the specific process of software development?

With the development of the Internet era, many entrepreneurs and companies have seen the hope of rapid development. “Internet+” spreads quickly, covers a wide range of people, is convenient, fast and efficient to use, and can accelerate business Pattern incubation.

Therefore, many companies are willing to try software development, but they are afraid that the investment cost will be too high and they cannot afford the risk. Software development is a relatively highly professional job. Generally speaking, if you want to find a professional software development company to produce it, you need to be prepared in many aspects and there are relatively many things that need to be paid attention to.

What should we pay attention to during the specific process of software development?
Software development

Today, let’s talk about What you need to pay attention to when developing software. As long as you are fully prepared, companies will not feel risky when developing new software. Big, let digital technology drive the development of enterprises.

First of all, we must consider whether the software development company is capable of meeting the development needs of the enterprise. We can make corresponding judgments through the software company’s early software products or cases. However, it is impossible for a software company to work in all industries, nor to serve all industries well. Related or similar ones can also be used as references.

Nowadays, developing an operational-level software product often requires a professional team. Taking an APP project as an example, it usually requires business consultants, product managers, project managers, UI designers, front-end Programmers, back-end programmers, test engineers and other roles are composed of multiple roles, so you can judge whether the other company has the ability to complete the development of software products based on whether it has various job compositions.

1. Project design issues

The dominant thinking of project design is mainly divided into two types, one is complete design and the other is simple design. Complete design means to examine all aspects of software development and write all development documents before writing the code in detail; while simple design means that the detailed functional design can be modified at any time according to the progress of the actual situation, basically in Simple design is often used in software development.

2. Design changes and demand changes

When needs change, we first have to think about whether this is due to the developer’s own inadequate analysis of the needs or because the customer insists on imposing the needs, and then think about how to respond. policy; when the design changes, if it is in a simple design, then it is normal, because the early design is incomplete and may cause design changes in the later stage at any time, so developers must do a good job of negotiation and communication Work.

3. Code writing and testing issues

Strictly follow the code structure during the code writing process. In addition, developers must ensure that the code can run normally and do a good job of testing.

In the specific process of software development, you need to pay attention to the following three things:

1. Clarify requirements

If you want software development to have a smooth process, you should first clarify the specific development requirements. The formulation of requirements requires a communication and confirmation process, which should be done by the product managers of the enterprise and the development company. Develop together. According to past experience, the clearer the requirements, the smoother the later development process will be and the less hassles will be. Generally, you need to communicate with the business consultant and confirm the function list and prototype diagram with the product manager before proceeding with development. The business consultants of professional software development companies will help customers straighten out their business logic and put forward some unreasonable demands or demands that can be put into the second phase, instead of just asking customers to raise them.

2. Have a detailed progress plan and deliverables for each stage

Software development requires a process. It is also very important for the sponsor to grasp whether the development plan at each stage has been fully implemented. A detailed development schedule is often one of the most effective ways to ensure the development cycle. If you pay in installments and the software development company can deliver the corresponding prototypes, design drafts, demo websites, final products, etc. on time, it means that it is a reliable company.

3. Have smooth communication channels

In the process of software development, there must be a smooth communication channel. Under normal circumstances, a project group will be formed, and there will be a project manager specifically responsible for this project as the enterprise A communication bridge with the company’s technical personnel to understand the progress of software development and whether new problems are encountered during the software development process. Any problems must be solved as soon as possible.

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