What are the benefits and functions of developing a dental APP?

More and more teeth whitening and orthodontic products are popping up on the market. Oral health has attracted public attention and gradually penetrated into people’s daily lives. In this regard, the development of oral APPs mainly aimed at solving users’ problems with oral medical diseases has also emerged.

What are the benefits and functions of developing a dental APP?
APP development

1. Consultation function

Choose an online doctor for consultation. The doctor can provide users with solutions or recommend commercial medical packages in the medical mall based on the consultation situation and the user’s medical history.

2. Dental medical service display

Users have a relatively high demand for information content, and they also require complete information content. For this, dental APP development can display the content in detail. Users can use these specific service contents to analyze whether the price of the dental service is reasonable and the required cycle time and other information, so that the consumer’s right to know can be satisfied.

3. Online reservation channels

The dental APP was developed to facilitate the platform to attract more online users and make it easier for these users to make reservations. That is to say, users only need to select the dental medical services they need through the platform to make an appointment, such as the more common dental implants, tooth cleaning or tooth extraction services, and select a time to submit the order, which improves the personalized needs of consumers. .

4. Personal center

Tracking and viewing of order status, management of personal cases, and withdrawal and wallet management of distribution rebates. Personal center section segmentation: personal information/my orders/medical records/my wallet

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