• Functions developed by voting applet

    Original title: Functions developed by voting applet There are many occasions at work where it is necessary to promote voting to decide certain things. The Voting Mini Program is a lightweight voting application for individuals and businesses. Users can open the application by scanning or searching in the Mini Program. There is no need to install or download, and it is at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily create real-time votes and vote online. , can make your voting more unique, so what are the functions of developing a…

  • What basic functions should a WeChat developed voting system have?

    [WeChat public account development] The basic functions that WeChat voting system development should have! I believe everyone has participated in WeChat voting, either voting for friends or participating in it yourself. What basic functions should the WeChat voting system development have? 1. Obtain basic user information. After a customer logs in with WeChat authorization, the voting system background can obtain the customer’s basic user information, such as: WeChat avatar, WeChat name, WeChat gender, etc. 2. Data upload function. If you choose to participate, you can upload the corresponding data and…