What issues should you pay attention to when operating a mini program after it is developed?

Original title: What issues should be paid attention to when operating a mini program after it is developed

Many companies now want to develop their own WeChat mini-programs, and some companies already have their own WeChat mini-programs. However, the mini-program is a product. Although it is possible to obtain some traffic through WeChat, they are in the minority after all and are mainly used in the later stage. The operation also depends on the later operations. Some companies do not know how to operate mini programs, and some violations occur during the operation process, resulting in the mini programs being banned or removed from the shelves. This is a lot of losses for the enterprise, so What issues should we pay attention to when operating mini programs?

What issues should be paid attention to when operating the mini program after it is developed

To operate WeChat mini programs well, you must first avoid inducing behavior. Many WeChat mini programs have been banned because of inducing sharing. When marketing mini programs, many people use some inducing methods in order to gain user attention. Attract users to share, so when companies market WeChat mini programs, they must conduct real marketing activities to avoid mini programs being blocked.

What issues should be paid attention to when operating the mini program after it is developed

Some WeChat mini-programs have their own advertisements on the homepage. There is nothing wrong with putting mini-programs on the homepage, but if you put low-quality ads or illegal ads, you will definitely be banned. Some people believe that once a mini program has a certain number of users, it can make money by placing ads, but the premise is that users are not disgusted with it. If users are disgusted, naturally fewer users will use the mini program. In fact, mini programs are relatively strict about the placement of advertisements. For example, floating advertisements cannot be allowed, and the proportion of advertisements cannot exceed 50% of the page content.

What issues should be paid attention to when operating the mini program after it is developed

To operate a mini program well, another problem must be avoided, that is, nearby mini programs use false locations. In order to attract more users to their mini programs, many people use false locations when setting the location. If After users discover and report these fake location mini programs, they will be permanently banned. Therefore, it is necessary to operate mini programs and do not do false things. This is harmful to the development of mini programs.

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