• Analysis of Common Problems in Mini Program Development

    More and more companies develop their own small programs and other mobile products, and small programs have also become a trend of mobile applications. So, What are the common problems in the development process of applets? Next, a brief introduction: 1. Configure domain name and certificate Many people use WeChat development tools when developing small programs. In the development environment, there is no need to deal with domain names and certificates. After the function development is complete and everything is normal, if you want to preview the mobile phone, release…

  • What’s different about WeChat development version

    WeChat Development Edition is a special version officially provided by WeChat to developers, which is different from the normal WeChat version in many ways. Below I will explain in detail the differences between the WeChat development version and the normal WeChat version. 1. Developer Mode < /p> WeChat development version is friendly to developers, and it provides developers with a developer mode. The developer mode allows developers to debug and test in WeChat. In developer mode, developers can use the debugging tools provided by WeChat for debugging. It allows developers…