• What is the difference between APP and DAPP, and what is DAPP?

    Before talking about DAPP, let’s first talk about a few words about APP. The full name of APP is Application, which means application. But many people’s understanding of APP is: an application that can be downloaded to the mobile terminal. In fact, APP does not specifically refer to mobile applications. Websites running on browsers can also be called APPs. Closer to home, although the difference between DApp and App is only one letter D (D stands for decentralized, meaning decentralized), traditional APP applications rely on centralized servers, where a large…

  • DAPP, smart contracts and their relationships in blockchain technology

    DAPP is the abbreviation of DecentralizedApplication, translated as: decentralized application. DAPP is an Internet application. The biggest difference from traditional APP is that DAPP runs on a decentralized network, that is, a blockchain network. There is no centralized node in the network that can completely control DAPP. As we all know, APP is centralized and needs to request a certain server to obtain data, process data, etc. What is a smart contract? A smart contract is actually a computer protocol that uses a computer instruction to achieve self-verification, automatic execution,…