• What is the power of “blockchain+” between blockchain and traditional industries?

    Since the emergence of blockchain technology, all walks of life have been crazy about its disruptive value and have rushed to deploy it. We are seeing more and more words “blockchain+”. So, what is the power of this “combination” of blockchain and traditional industries? Can it really solve some thorny pain points? It is well known that blockchain technology has the following characteristics, decentralization, fairness and transparency, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering, quasi-anonymity, transaction traceability, etc. Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, it will undoubtedly be widely used in the financial industry….

  • How does blockchain work?

    How does blockchain work? The underlying mechanism of blockchain software is very complex, however, blockchain software can automatically perform most of the steps. We’ll give you a brief overview with the following steps: 1. Record transactions A blockchain transaction shows the transfer of physical or digital assets from one party to another in the blockchain network. The transaction is recorded in the form of a block and may include the following details: Who was involved in the transaction? What happens during the transaction? When was the transaction made? Where was…