• SFCW Stepped Frequency Continuous Radar

    With the progress and development of contemporary society and science, human society has higher and higher requirements for radar functions. It is not only required that the radar can measure the distance information of the target, but also the speed, phase and acceleration of the target; sometimes It is necessary for the radar to be able to perform one-dimensional, two-dimensional or even three-dimensional imaging of the target. Today, Xunying Zhijian will have an in-depth understanding of this technology with everyone. Screening Eagle Technologies (Screening Eagle Technologies), formed by the merger…

  • Which ground penetrating radar is better? Introduction of Screening Eagle Technologies

    Which ground penetrating radar is better? Ground Penetrating Radar (Ground Penetrating Radar. GPR) is a geophysical method that uses antennas to transmit and receive high-frequency electromagnetic waves to detect the properties and distribution of materials inside the medium. There are many names for ground penetrating radar in the early days. Such as ground probing radar (Ground-probing Radar), underground radar (Sub-surface Radar), ground radar (Geo Radar), pulse radar (Impulse Radar), surface penetrating radar (Surface Penetrating Radar), etc. It is an electromagnetic wave method for prospecting targets and using high-frequency pulse electromagnetics…