• What are openid and unionid, and the difference between openid and unionid?

    What is the difference between openid and appid? For the same user, the AppID used by a platform will generate a corresponding OpenID for him. If these platform applications are all bound under the same WeChat open platform, then these OpenIDs of this user will all correspond to the same UnionID What is openid? open id: After the follower interacts with the official account, the official account can obtain the open id of the follower. For the same user, there are different open ids corresponding to different official accounts or…

  • What is the difference between WeChat openid and unionid?

    The difference between openid and unionid OpenID: The identification of ordinary users, unique to the current developer account. An openid corresponds to an official account. UnionID: User unified ID. For applications under a WeChat open platform account, the unionid of the same user is unique. Developers can obtain basic user information through OpenID. In particular, if the developer has multiple mobile applications, website applications and public accounts, the uniqueness of the user can be distinguished by obtaining the unionid in the user’s basic information, because as long as the mobile…