• How to make money with smart parking app?

    Nowadays, the country is fully promoting “digitalization” in order to enable China’s market economy to develop faster. Among them, the parking lots in our daily lives have also followed the process of digitization and entered new application models. Many companies have begun to use WeChat mini programs to improve the convenience of parking users, and because mini programs are “extensible” The carrier can also expand other service products on the basis of parking services. This is the now popular “smart parking”. So how do companies make money with the help…

  • What are the common functions of smart parking applet development?

    Hefei Mini Program Development – Roadside Smart Parking Smart parking applet development uses smart hardware instead of manual management of roadside parking spaces. When the owner parks the car on the smart lock of the roadside parking space, the hardware will detect the presence of the car and When the free time is exceeded, lock the car by unlocking it. The owner can only unlock it after scanning the QR code to pay. It improves the safety of parking space management. What are the common functions of smart parking applet…