• Baidu SEO optimization provider: What is the difference between Baidu index volume and Baidu index volume

    Baidu seo optimization is simply to do a perfect optimization of the inside and outside of the website to improve the natural keyword ranking of the website in Baidu search. When a user searches for such keywords, it will appear on his search homepage. This kind of optimization is actually to help the enterprise website to obtain more traffic, enhance brand awareness, and thus promote purchasing power. Today let’s talk about what is the meaning of Baidu index volume and Baidu index volume? Many SEO website optimization personnel are confused…

  • Shanghai SEO optimization company: Douyin SEO and Baidu SEO analysis of similarities and differences

    SEO optimization is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. Where there are search engines, there is SEO, such as Baidu search, and Douyin’s on-site search. So, what is the specific difference between Douyin SEO and Baidu SEO? Just come down and analyze it for everyone. Douyin SEO As the name suggests, Douyin SEO is optimized for Douyin search. Douyin has developed a search, and netizens can quickly find content by entering keywords in the search box. There are a large number of works in Douyin, how can we give priority…

  • Shanghai website SEO optimization company: What are the commonly used tools for SEO optimization?

    At present, for Website SEO optimization company, only being familiar with SEO optimization tools will be more conducive to SEO optimization work. Xinli Information Technology, a professional Shanghai website SEO optimization company, is here to chat with you What are the commonly used tools for SEO optimization? Baidu Webmaster Tools Baidu Webmaster has changed its name to Baidu Search Resource Platform, which provides a powerful data analysis and data submission portal, through which data can be quickly submitted and analyzed. For example, 404 errors, website index volume, website crawling, website…