• Enterprise attendance app development solution

    Every company has its own attendance method. Some companies use punch-in machines, some use DingTalk clock-in machines, and some develop their own systems. With the emergence of the mobile Internet, more and more industries are beginning to A new Internet route to serve the public in a new form of enterprise to acquire customers and bring better work communication to employees. The enterprise attendance APP mainly maintains the normal working order of the enterprise, improves work efficiency, and enforces corporate discipline. Enterprise attendance app development solution 1. Employee entry: The…

  • What are the functions of attendance applet development?

    Attendance management services: Attendance management is an essential step in business management. Attendance management is used to understand attendance rate, and the number of attendance days is the reference basis for salary settlement. There is also attendance management such as leave or transfer between employees. As a basic service in enterprise attendance management, the attendance management function brings more convenience to current enterprises. You can check in directly and sign in online through mobile phones. Mobile office services: With the popularity of smartphones, many things can be handled directly through…

  • How to develop attendance WeChat applet

    With the rise of WeChat Mini Programs, more and more companies have begun to use WeChat Mini Programs for attendance management. The attendance WeChat applet can help employees easily complete operations such as clocking in, asking for leave, and working overtime. At the same time, it is also convenient for enterprise managers to monitor employee attendance information in real time and improve management efficiency. Next, this article will introduce the development process of the attendance WeChat applet in detail. 1. Requirements analysis Before developing the attendance WeChat applet, we need…