• WeChat applet application registration: application registration process, registration entrance introduction

    WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading. It is also an innovation. After nearly two years of development, a new WeChat Mini Program development environment and developer ecosystem have been constructed. WeChat Mini Program has also been an innovative achievement in China’s IT industry over the years that can really impact ordinary programmers. More than 1.5 million developers have joined the development of WeChat Mini Program, and we will work together to promote the development of WeChat Mini Program. develop The number of WeChat Mini…

  • Following the “new infrastructure”, another science and technology plan vigorously develops areas

    Following the “new infrastructure”, another technology plan vigorously develops areas The Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the Chengdu Branch of the People’s Bank of China recently issued the “Chengdu Financial Technology Development Plan (2020-2022)”. The plan points out that by the end of 2022, Chengdu will use underlying technology as the main line and rely on financial scenarios to realize multiple financial technology application demonstration scenarios with domestic and foreign influence. According to relevant content, specific measures include accelerating the development of digital inclusive finance and further strengthening the application…

  • The appropriate application scenarios of blockchain must be analyzed based on the characteristics of blockchain technology itself.

    As the most cutting-edge information technology achievements continue to be integrated into the financial industry, distributed ledger technology based on blockchain has emerged and has been explored and implemented in some scenarios (such as cross-border payments). 1. Introduction to blockchain application scenarios Blockchain technology has moved from pure technical discussion to the stage of application. A large number of blockchain-related companies and teams have emerged at home and abroad. A few companies have explored unique application scenarios based on their own business, but more companies are still in the stage…

  • AP Development Company: Difficulties in Customized APP Development

    Under normal circumstances, software that is relatively easy to develop requires a team to complete it. Of course, we start from the first difficulty that ordinary people have in developing applications, summarize their difficulties, and solve them, thereby improving the success rate of personal development. What I am sharing today is the difficulty of customized APP development. Many manual developments are somewhat easy, but for some experts it is not that simple. In fact, there is no contradiction or right or wrong. It mainly depends on the situation, the requirements…

  • What is the difference between APP and DAPP, and what is DAPP?

    Before talking about DAPP, let’s first talk about a few words about APP. The full name of APP is Application, which means application. But many people’s understanding of APP is: an application that can be downloaded to the mobile terminal. In fact, APP does not specifically refer to mobile applications. Websites running on browsers can also be called APPs. Closer to home, although the difference between DApp and App is only one letter D (D stands for decentralized, meaning decentralized), traditional APP applications rely on centralized servers, where a large…

  • APP development costs are mainly composed of the following 4 parts

    Many companies will first consider the price of APP development before APP development. Everyone knows that the development price of APP software is not low, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the higher the requirements and the better the quality of the APP application, the higher the price will be. App development costs mainly consist of the following four parts: 1. Product design fee Before making an APP application, it is necessary to formulate a detailed development plan, including analysis and positioning of the market, user…

  • How to test WeChat development

    WeChat development refers to application development using platforms such as WeChat public accounts and WeChat applets. When developing WeChat, testing is a very important link, which can help developers find problems and fix them in time to ensure the quality of the application. This article will introduce the testing method of WeChat development in detail. 1. Test environment setup Before conducting WeChat development and testing, you first need to build a test environment locally. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Install WeChat Developer Tools WeChat Developer Tools is an…

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  • How to develop WeChat application

    WeChat application development is an application development based on the WeChat platform. The WeChat platform is currently one of the most popular mobile social application platforms, with more than 1 billion users. WeChat application development allows developers to develop various WeChat-based applications on the WeChat platform, including WeChat public accounts, small programs, and corporate WeChat. This article will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat applications. 1. Understand the WeChat platform WeChat Platform is an open API of WeChat, including WeChat Public Platform, Enterprise WeChat, WeChat Payment, WeChat Mini Programs,…