Blockchain will change our lives in these three aspects

When we discuss the underlying logic of the blockchain, its decentralization, trust, and non-tamperability are unavoidable topics, but how can these characteristics change our lives and enable Capital is flocking to it.

Blockchain will change our lives in these three aspects

I personally believe that blockchain will change our lives from three perspectives.

Change the way we communicate

The web3 and metaverse spawned by the blockchain will transform us from two-dimensional interaction to three-dimensional interaction, which will change the way we work, shop and entertain, and thus the economic space of mankind will be expanded.

Changing our definition of wealth

The virtual coins, blockchain games, NFTs, Yuanverse’s reconstruction of wealth and other virtual products spawned by the blockchain, as well as the blockchain’s friendliness to small-amount transactions, and the birth of the Internet of Things, will change our definition of wealth. , since the definition of wealth has changed, the way to obtain wealth will definitely change.

Changing species diversity

Throughout history, the economic subjects of our world have been humans, and all transactions have been conducted between humans. Blockchain technology will introduce the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence into mental activities indiscriminately, which means that our future partners may not be human. Since the birth of human beings, science and technology have advanced too much, but the characteristics of human beings have basically remained unchanged, such as greed, jealousy, and profit-seeking. The introduction of new species will change these characteristics of the original trading subjects, which is the ontogeny that serves as the basis of society. Change.

Any progress in this world breaks through the boundaries of time, space and species. Progress in history has occurred in one of these three directions, and blockchain may prompt changes to occur in these three aspects at the same time. .

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