• Shared store system-Why can some people’s shared stores do well?

    Today I will talk about shared stores. Shared stores are very popular recently. I will tell you two cases. You will be deeply inspired after studying these two cases. What is the first case? There was a customer who had a local decoration master and a plumber. His customer rented a room without a water heater. It was very cold to take a shower in winter. Without saying a word, he took out a water heater and asked the master to give it to the customer. After installing it, the…

  • What is the essence of blockchain? Why is he valuable?

    Many friends are asking, what is the essence of blockchain? Why is he so valuable, why must he be valuable, and will be even more valuable in the future? 1. Do not trust the Internet and social experiments The essence of the blockchain is actually a social assumption, a network structure assumption, assuming that everyone is a bad person, everyone does not trust, everyone has nothing to say, and everyone is for their own interests. Under assumptions, he is valuable. Just imagine, if there is no trust, it will be…