• Blockchain technology: What is the blockchain wallet system?

    Blockchain, shared database, and decentralization are one of its outstanding features, that is, blockchain technology does not rely on additional third-party management agencies or hardware equipment, and there is no central control. Through distributed accounting and storage, each node completes information self-verification, transmission and management. Blockchain payment systems for digital asset payments, account transfers, cash withdrawals, etc. have a wide range of connotations, such as blockchain exchanges, blockchain public chains, blockchain wallet systems, blockchain malls, etc. In addition to centralization, blockchain also has the following characteristics: 1. Openness: The technical…

  • Glossary: ​​Glossary for getting started with blockchain (2)

    Continuing from the above, let’s continue to understand the explanations of terms related to blockchain with everyone. This is just like knowing the 26 letters of English first. It requires step-by-step learning and consolidation. I hope the following knowledge sharing will be helpful to everyone. 21.PrivateKey——private key Definition: A private key is a string of data that allows you to access the token in a specific wallet. They serve as passwords and are hidden from all but the owner of the address. 22.PublicKey——Public key Interpretation: It appears in pairs with…

  • What is a blockchain wallet? What are the development process and main functions of a blockchain wallet?

    Development of blockchain wallet According to incomplete statistics, more than 2 billion US dollars have been lost in digital currency exchanges, thus revealing the biggest bottleneck in the current development of the exchange field – the issue of asset security. How can we solve the pain point of exchange asset security? When it comes to blockchain exchange wallet development, some investors may choose to build their own team to develop independently or use a wallet system specially developed by a third-party developer. First of all, it should be clear what…

  • The value of digital wallet system, and the meaning and characteristics of decentralized wallet?

    What is the value of the NFT digital wallet system? 1. Can be treated as property. What we call wallet management is money management. The wallet system is equivalent to Yu’e Bao in Alipay. Under the interaction of the Internet, customers can directly complete operations such as transfer and collection. 2. Bypassing the third party, we may all encounter such a problem, that is, when the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin reach a certain online level, it will be very troublesome for the wallet to connect to the exchange. If…