• Understand the process of APP development from the perspective of an implementation engineer

    APP software has been applied to all walks of life, so understanding the development process of software projects is very necessary for those who manage and develop software. The following describes the capabilities required for implementation from the specific work content of the implementation engineer. 1. Demand arrangement Including market demand, user demand, platform demand, etc. Then sort out the pre-development logic of the project. It is recommended to use a mind map to sort out the effect better! 2. Budget Evaluation The specific budget of the project is based…

  • How to do a good job in software outsourcing for software outsourcing companies

    When people talk about outsourcing, especially traditional outsourcing, people usually feel unreliable. The reason is that software outsourcing is a non-standard service, and it is difficult to fully agree on the work content at the beginning. The fundamental reason lies in industry barriers and information asymmetry. The demand side usually expounds business needs, while developers face development needs directly. In addition, there are a large number of unreliable outsourcing companies in the market, and the team members generally have low professional level and poor service awareness. Create a brand image…