• How to do IoT application development

    Nowadays, with more and more application scenarios of artificial intelligence, many hardware companies are developing IoT applications for their own products, providing customers with integrated software and hardware solutions. Hardware companies focus on hardware research and development, and software generally finds external Cooperation with companies, such as smart parking, smart water, smart buildings, smart communities and other industries of the Internet of Things. Today I will introduce how to do IoT application development: 1.Understand communication patterns Mainstream IoT applications are based on the TCP protocol. Reported data is analyzed and…

  • Several key parts involved in IoT software development

    At present, as artificial intelligence is used in more and more scenarios in work and life, many smart hardware manufacturers are seeking to develop IoT applications for their own products. For example, you can see various parameters of the product and control hardware on your mobile phone. Provide customers with software and hardware integration services. So, How to develop IoT software? Next, the editor will give you a brief introduction. 1. Communication protocol If the IoT software wants to communicate with the hardware, it must figure out the communication protocol….