• Together with Valrhona, experience a DIY inspired idea: Vanilla Grapefruit St. Petros Cake

    Together with Valrhona, Try DIY Inspiration Idea: Vanilla Grapefruit St. Petros Cake Stay home time on rest daysMake a dessert by yourselfEnjoy the fun of DIYThe sweet and happy atmosphere lingers on the taste budsWith a cup of aromatic coffeeStart a poetic slow life Today Valrhona School Bring an exclusive creative dessertVanilla Grapefruit St. Petros CakeRich white chocolate and inspired grapefruit mousse stimulate the taste budsUnlock the innovative afternoon snacksLet’s try it out with friends! The dessert contains specialValrhona Valrhona 35% white chocolateCarrying elegant vanilla flavor and mellow milk flavorTurn…