• To develop high-quality small programs, you need to know the following points:

    Original title: You need to be familiar with the following points to develop high-quality small programs As more and more companies develop mini programs, when subsequent companies develop mini programs, they think that they can create high-quality mini programs in order to surpass their peers and achieve more ideal results. Of course, it is not an easy task to develop high-quality small programs. Only if enterprises are familiar with the following points can they realize their wishes. Do a good job of user positioning Enterprises need to understand that only…

  • What problems does the development of WeChat mini programs for online education solve?

    What problems has been solved by the development of WeChat mini programs for online education? The development of online education WeChat mini-programs aims at providing users with low-cost and efficient learning results, takes the balance of interests as the driving force for course construction, continuously improves course content and service levels according to market competition, and collaborates according to different levels and different divisions of labor. The collaboration of our course builders reduces the high threshold for high-quality course construction for the knowledge community, and solves the lack of personal…

  • Is blockchain development particularly difficult?

    Blockchain will become a new technology that will change the future. It is hard to find high salaries for blockchain technicians. Is blockchain development particularly difficult? In fact, the technology of blockchain development is not too difficult. The difficulty lies in changing the original concept of development and adding the design idea of ​​blockchain decentralization. Changing development thinking is the biggest difficulty. Unlike traditional development, which focuses on service-oriented development, blockchain development is ledger- and transaction-oriented. The main indicator of developers is no longer high-availability and high-concurrency applications, but switching…

  • How to choose a high-end atmospheric website template

    Since the upsurge of self-help website building in the field of website construction, there have been a large number of free website templates rushing in. When an enterprise builds a website, it is a very headache when choosing a website template, because there is no relevant experience. But it doesn’t matter, this article will teach you a few methods of selecting high-end and atmospheric website templates. In fact, the functions of website templates are almost the same, so when choosing, you should start with the beauty of the template page….

  • Patrol Eagle Intelligent Inspection: The operating system of the Swiss metal hardness tester Equotip550 is newly upgraded

    Since 1975, Proceq, a subsidiary of Paul Eagle, invented the Leeb hardness test principle, Equotip has become recognized worldwide as the industry standard in portable hardness testing. Different impact devices and a wide selection of test blocks and accessories are available to meet most application needs. In addition, Proceq has established conversion curves between Leeb hardness and other hardness scales and is widely applicable to various standards around the world. Recently, the operating system of Equotip 550 has ushered in new upgrade. Latest version 2.9. One of the important updates…