• How to develop WeChat games

    WeChat game is a game based on WeChat platform, which does not require users to download and install, and can be played directly in WeChat. WeChat games have the characteristics of rapid spread, large number of users, and strong sociality, so they have gradually become an important choice for game developers. Below we will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat games. 1. Determine game type and size Before developing a WeChat game, you first need to determine the type and scale of the game. There are many types of…

  • How to develop WeChat games

    WeChat Mini Game is a small game developed based on the WeChat platform. Users can play the game directly in WeChat without downloading and installing. It is convenient, easy to play, and social. The following describes in detail how to develop WeChat mini-games. 1. Preparation Before starting to develop WeChat Mini Games, you need to prepare the following tools and materials: (1) WeChat developer tool: a development tool provided by WeChat for the development of mini-programs and mini-games, which can be downloaded from the WeChat public platform. (2) Game materials:…