• What language is used to develop WeChat applets

    WeChat Mini Program is a new type of application program, which is a lightweight application program that can be run directly in WeChat without downloading. WeChat applets can run on WeChat official accounts, and can also be opened directly in WeChat chat interface, so they have high usability and user experience. WeChat mini-programs can realize a variety of functions, such as online shopping, online consultation, online payment, online appointment and so on. WeChat applets can be developed through WeChat developer tools, which support multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript, CSS,…

  • How to develop a WeChat web page

    WeChat web page refers to the page presented in the form of a web page within the WeChat official account. Unlike traditional web pages, it needs to follow the development specifications and restrictions of the WeChat official account. The following will introduce in detail how to develop a WeChat web page. 1. Preparation 1. Register a WeChat official account to obtain a developer account and AppID. 2. Install development tools: WeChat public platform developer tools, which provide local debugging, code editing, preview and other functions. 3. Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript…