• Why does WeChat develop applets consume a lot of power?

    A WeChat Mini Program is a lightweight application based on the WeChat platform. Compared with ordinary APPs, WeChat applets have the advantages of simple development, convenient use, small footprint, and fast download speed. However, some users reported that when using the WeChat applet, the mobile phone’s battery will be consumed quickly. So, why does the WeChat applet consume the battery of the mobile phone? The following is analyzed from several aspects. 1. Running in background Like other applications, WeChat Mini Programs also need to run in the background so that…

  • How to develop WeChat applets

    WeChat applet is a lightweight application that can be opened and used directly in WeChat without downloading and installing. The development of WeChat applets requires mastering relevant technologies and tools. The following will introduce the steps and precautions of WeChat applet development in detail. 1. Preparation First, you need to download and install the WeChat developer tools. Then, you need to register a WeChat Mini Program account and create a new Mini Program project. When creating a project, you need to fill in the name of the applet, AppID, project…