• Analysis of future development trends of blockchain technology

    Focus on technology in 2020: Blockchain technology has become the highlight of innovation and development In 2019, blockchain technology gradually thrived in the fertile soil of technology. For example, the 2019 annual reports of many banks show that blockchain covers many areas in finance. Among them, the transaction volume of CCB’s blockchain trade finance platform exceeded 400 billion yuan. For many people, blockchain has the benefits of decentralization and trustlessness, because blockchain can provide distributed accounting, data cannot be deleted, and cannot be tampered with. From a technical perspective, it…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company-The core content and characteristics of blockchain

    It is said that blockchain is very popular now, but for many people on the Internet, there are still many people who don’t know what blockchain is. So how to understand blockchain, I believe many people don’t know. Although the concept of “blockchain” is not new to the public, not many people really understand it. What is its relationship with us? Here I will explain the core content for you to help you better understand what blockchain is. Let’s start with a few important points, such as decentralization, openness, irrevocability,…